The Cupertino Kung-fu Club (co-sponsored by Grandmaster Chi-hsiu Weng of USSA and the City of Cupertino Parks and Recreation Department ) has offered world-class Kung-fu training for adults and children since 1989.  We boast a spacious facility with room-length mirrors and wrestling mats.   

Our authentic martial arts lineage ensures a high quality of teaching, and our partnership with the City fosters a friendly, community-oriented approach. The Club is made special by its long history of students that have developed in the dedicated, small class environment.  The Club also serves as a center of development and training for master instructors from around the world, who visit for camps and seminars with the Club’s instructors (and some of these events are open to the Club’s general members!). 
Our focus is not on how many belts a student can acquire in a just a few months.  Rather, we focus on the long-term development of a martial arts practitioner, which includes preparing the body and mind for self defense, but moreover our approach places emphasis on a lifestyle that develops vibrant health and vitality for the long-term.   
We have numerous class offerings that appeal to students ranging from young
children (age 5 minimum) to senior citizens.  No martial arts experience is required, though any style is welcome.  Our classes are small and intimate, with an average ratio of seven students per instructor.  All of this is offered at affordable prices with no contracts required 
The Club is led by Grandmaster Chi-hsiu Weng, who is world-renown as one of the great teachers of Shuai-chiao and Tai-chi.  Dr. Weng (Ph.D, The Ohio State University) is a 9th Degree Black Belt with credentials underscored by his successful tournament record (as a champion fighter and a coach), his many dedicated and accomplished students, as well as his long apprenticeship under the great Grandmaster Ch’ang Tung Shen.   Click the link on Dr. Weng’s name to read more about him and his accomplishments from over forty years of martial arts experience. 
Cultivation of Body and Mind
Head Coach:
Jan-Yu Weng
7th Degree Black Belt
(408) 647-2400
Mailing Address:
Cupertino Kung-fu Club
P.O. Box 1221
Cupertino, CA 95015-1221